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Mapeando o Islamismo

Islam by Country

General Demographic Data

Mapping the Global Muslim Population - Pew Research

Map of the Muslim World - International Mission Board

World Muslim Population Map

Demographic Distribution of Major World Religions

Religious Demographic Data

Most Muslim Nations and Largest Muslim Populations

Muslim Populations (color-coded by largest numerical populations)

Geographical Representations of Schools of Thought

Sunni-Shia Map -University of Texas/CIA

Sunni-Shia Map - PBS Wide Angle

Map showing distribution of the Islamic Schools of Thought

Historical Maps

Growth of Muslim Populations, Historical Expansions and Breakdown of Ethnicities of Muslims Maps

World Muslim Population Density, Historical Middle East Borders - PBS

Compilation of Islamic History Maps

Maps Related to Religious and Political Freedom

Freedom Scores for Countries of the Muslim World

Map of Religious Freedom in the Muslim World

Other Maps

Expressions of Muslim Identity - from the National Public Radio show, Speaking of Faith[]

Map for Mosques, Halal Restaurants and Grocers in parts of the US

Islam in Africa Map - University of Texas

Map of the Muslim world highlighted with countries whose first lady or female PM wears a Muslim headscarf or hijab

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