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Sony Unveils Reader Library Program to Promote Digital Reading at Public Libraries

Program Provides Training, Reading Devices and Educational Materials to Support eBook Programs

In recognition of Library Advocacy Day, Sony unveiled the Reader Library program, a new initiative to support the work of public libraries as they expand and promote their ebook collections. The program provides public libraries with training on digital reading devices, educational materials to help readers learn about the eBooks and digital texts available to them through their local libraries, and digital reading devices for library staff use.

“Libraries play an important role in our civic and cultural life, and Sony believes that it’s important to support public library systems as they expand their services and digital offerings, particularly eBooks,” said Steve Haber, president of Sony Electronics’ Digital Reading Business Division. “Our program is a new initiative that will provide librarians with additional resources, enabling them to inform and demonstrate to patrons how to benefit from their growing eBook collections.”

The Reader Library program is open to public libraries with robust ebook lending programs. Program components include:

• A training program for library staff developed by Sony. This one-time web-based session covers digital reading formats, an overview of sources for digital materials, and training on Sony’s Reader digital reading devices.
• Sony’s Reader digital reading devices for use by library staff. Educational materials to provide readers background materials on digital reading devices. Sony will begin the program with a handful of libraries nationwide to tailor educational materials that reflect the content and features of each library’s digital collection.
• Bi-annual update sessions designed to keep libraries and their staff current with latest developments in digital reading content, format and devices.

The Library program reaffirms Sony’s commitment to work with local libraries throughout the country as they expand their eBook collections. Sony’s Readers are compatible with the industry-standard formats in which libraries offer their digital collections. Therefore, consumers can readily borrow perennial favorites and new releases from their local library’s collection.

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